North Florida All-State Middle School Wrestling Team & Wrestler of the Year Named

North Florida All-State Middle School Wrestling Team & Wrestler of the Year Named

April 25, 2022

By Jose Martinez and Jorge Sanchez
Reporting for NUWAY Combat

 After reviewing rankings of Florida high school wrestlers all season long, we determined to do a deep dive into a group of wrestlers not often covered, but who should be highlighted as they are the high schools’ next generation: middle school wrestlers. To that end, we are naming the North Florida All-State Middle School Wrestling Team. For the oddly shaped peninsula state, this all-star North Florida team covers an approximate 8-hour stretch of the state, spanning the entire panhandle area (from Pensacola to Tallahassee and beyond) into Yulee and Fernandina Beach, down through Jacksonville, St. Johns County, and winding out finally into Flagler County (and everywhere in between).


Our selections are based in objectivity, rooted in the most important factors: facts and stats, located through TrackWrestling, FloArena, and other major wrestling sites. Research of social media postings also contributed to the analysis, as well as watching video of as many matches as possible. Other considerations included the ages of the wrestlers (e.g., are they younger wrestlers often facing older wrestlers or are they constantly one of the oldest in their brackets). Age differential is more critical to determining a wrestler’s performance and skill rather than weight, especially at the middle school level where an 8th-grader can be far into physical maturity while a 6th-grader is often pre-pubescent. That said, “weight” was also an integral factor in evaluating the wrestlers for this honor—if a wrestler wrestled-up in weight classes with some frequency, such is a valuable consideration. Another element assessed  was the difficulty of their opponents (e.g., many times evaluated through their “Significant Wins” on TrackWrestling, but also if they defeated state champs, state placers and/or other wrestlers with outstanding records). 


Statistics for the 2021-2022 wrestling season for the North Florida All-State Middle School Wrestling Team begin on October 1, 2021 and end on March 15, 2022. This 5 ½ month swath allows for a comprehensive evaluation, based on a sizable time period of nonstop wrestling opportunities for Florida middle school wrestlers. In order to be named to this All-State team (and have stats, such as winning percentages, be counted in rankings), a wrestler needed to have wrestled at least 22 matches (an average of 4 matches per month); however, exceptions were made for 2nd team honors. Wrestling records and statistics from FHSAA wrestling matches (i.e., records from FHSAA high school matches) were not counted in wrestlers’ records for this All-State team. However, if a selected wrestler participated in FHSAA high school matches, that high school record still may be mentioned in this article.


No 8th grade holdbacks are permitted on our All-State Middle School teams; these holdbacks are, in reality, high school freshman and, accordingly, have an unfair advantage over the true middle-schoolers via their greater age and an additional, unwarranted extra year of middle school wrestling. On the flip side, although the middle school division is from 6th grade to 8th grade, we have made a few 5th grade selections because the lightest weight classes have limited middle schoolers in them, plus some 5th graders took the leap to wrestle up against older opponents. A 5th grader could only qualify for this All-State Middle School team if he wrestled in a middle school division (i.e., MS, 14U or 12U) in a state tournament (i.e., FL States, GA States or AL States). It should be noted that different tournaments sometimes have different names for age divisions. For example, “14U” is the same thing “Schoolboy”, and “12U” is the same thing as “Novice.” And “Middle School” is often called “MS.” Accordingly, in this article, (1) the Middle School division is sometimes referred to as “MS”; (2) the Schoolboy division is referred to as “14U”; and (3) the Novice division is referred to as “12U.”


Florida, like Georgia and many other states, is not a state with a single, recognized state championship youth/middle school tournament. There are multiple Florida tournaments that afford “states” recognition, including but not necessarily limited to the FAWA Folkstyle State Championship, the AAU Spring States, and the I Own Florida Championship Tournament (the “IOF” or the “Florida IOF States”). Many youth and middle school wrestlers from Florida wrestle in these Florida states tournaments; a few of these tournaments allow wrestlers from other states, such as Georgia, to participate as well. However, a significant percentage of Florida youth and middle school wrestlers do not wrestle in Florida state tournaments at all. For example, most youth and middle school wrestlers who reside in the panhandle area of Florida (about a 6-hour portion of the state) only wrestle in the AAU Alabama State Championship (the “Alabama States”). Other Florida wrestlers choose to only wrestle in the Georgia States, particularly AAU’s NGWL States (the “AAU North Georgia States”) and the AAU Georgia Kids Championships (the “AAU South Georgia States”). Thus, results from all of these tournaments are needed to be evaluated when naming this All-State team. Of course, participation in other, varied IBT tournaments throughout Florida, dual meet tournaments in Florida, dual leagues in Florida, IBT and dual meet tournaments in other states, and national tournaments have been thoroughly assessed in determining the best of the best. All non-FHSAA matches that could be located were counted, including, of course, any matches against high school wrestlers, so long as they were matches from non-FHSAA tournaments.


The entire North Florida All-State Middle School Wrestling Team, weight class by weight class, will follow at the end of this article. But first, below is a sampling of the rigors that were endured in determining this All-State team, along with naming the winner of the North Florida All-State Middle School Wrestler of the Year Award.  


The 117 Pounds Crowded Battle


The 117 pounds weight class is an interesting one to begin an analysis with, because there is no singular wrestler – or even two wrestlers – who jump out as the clear choice. Ultimately, there are five wrestlers for whom arguments can made to be the First Team All-State winner for North Florida. After much evaluation, the honor is going to…well, let’s take a look at each of these candidates.  The second place finisher in the 120 pound weight class of 14U in the Alabama States, Collver Hipp (8th grade – Niceville Eagles), appears to be a fine choice. A particularly compelling and standout point for Hipp is that, during the season, he beat both the 125 pound Alabama State Champ, Zachary Beattie, and the 135 pound Alabama State Champ, Alex Bacon. In the AYWO-AAU Pike Road Classic, he pinned Bacon and decisioned Beattie 7–3. The downside for Hipp is that only 20 matches for him could be located after an exhaustive search—and five of those matches were in WarZone tournaments, which only reports “wins” and “losses”; those records do not delineate if wins were by pins, majors or decisions. However, with a 14 – 6 record, Hipp certainly produced noteworthy results for most of those matches – not only by beating some star opponents (who are heavier than him), but by being a pin-master: of Hipp’s 11 wins where the type of win was reported, 10 were by fall. He executed 5 pins in under a minute (14 seconds, 42 seconds, 48 seconds, 52 seconds, and 58 seconds). And his losses were all to top wrestlers; for example, he was decisioned by Beattie twice (5–3 and 5–0).


And how about Bryan Davis (8th grade – Wilkinson), who delivered an impressive 35 – 12 record on the season? Out of the group discussed here, Davis has the most wins. More than half of his victories were by fall; he had 5 pins in under a minute (24 seconds, 32 seconds, 34 seconds, 43 seconds, and 49 seconds). Davis took 3rd place at the AAU South Georgia States at MS 117 pounds. And he finished in 4th place at the Florida IOF States at 14U 117 pounds. During that tournament, he pinned one of the state’s best 117-pounders, Tampa Bay Middle School Champ Dominick Buckwalter (16 – 5) of Hernando. He also decisioned Landon Martin 9-2 in the finals at the Toughman Tournament.


Martin (Team Clay – 7th grade), however, decisioned Davis 3 -2 in the North Florida Junior High Championship, where Martin won 1st place (while Davis earned a 3rd place medal at that tournament). Martin, sporting an eye-catching 22 – 7 record, scored 2nd place at the Florida IOF States in the 14U 117 pound weight class. He also won 1st place at the Tiger Invitational. Largely winning his matches by decisions, Martin still had over 10 pins this season. All seven of his losses were to some of the area’s best middle school wrestlers, including Mario DiBella (2nd place at Florida IOF States) and Vlad Chechkovsky (2nd place at Florida IOF States); it is notable that Martin was not pinned in any of his seven losses.


Chechkovsky (NFWA – 7th grade) also defeated Davis (13-2 in the finals match of the Yulee IOF qualifier), and he defeated one of Georgia’s best 117-pounders, Brandon Higgins, 5–4, to secure 2nd place at the Camden Aina Smith Memorial tournament. Chechkovsky’s 19 – 12 record, although very good in being well above .500, falls short of the winning percentages held by Martin and Davis. Martin owns a 76% winning percentage, while Davis is right behind him with a 74.5% winning percentage. Chechkovsky’s winning percentage stood at 61%. Hipp’s victory percentage of 70% is worth mentioning, but he doesn’t qualify for winning percentage ranking because of an insufficient number of matches.


It is fair to explain that Chechkovsky’s loss total is deceptive. All of his defeats were to top middle school wrestlers, including two losses to AAU South Georgia State Champ Hunter Prosen (who also beat Martin and Davis). And five of Chechkovsky’s defeats were suffered at the Charlotte Defense Soap Duals, a national-style tournament where Chechkovsky won a laudable 6 matches; he was defeated there by the likes of Andres DiGriogoli (who took 2nd place at the 2022 Florida High School States this year) and Wyatt Nevling (Florida IOF State Champ); Nevling also defeated Davis. Particularly impressive is that 16 of Chechkovsky’s 19 wins were by pin (14) or majors (2); he hammered 5 pins in under a minute (24 seconds, 29 seconds, 30 seconds, 40 seconds, and 48 seconds).


Chechkovsky’s TrackWrestling page lists 4 “Significant Wins” for the season, while Hipp’s and Martin’s pages each list 3 “Significant Wins”; Davis leads the pack with 5 “Significant Wins.” As far as 1st place tournament medals this season, like the “Significant Wins” totals, each candidate had a few: Davis won 3, Martin and Hipp won 2, and Chechkovsky had one.

Also of worthy consideration is Garrett Ferguson (Well Trained – 8th grade), an Alabama States second place finisher at 14U 115 pounds, who delivered a 25 – 10 record for a 71% winning percentage. Ferguson had three 1st place tournament wins, and his Track page lists 4 “Significant Wins.”


All said, by a thin margin, Davis comes out ahead; he had the most wins, most pins, most “Significant Wins”, and he was right at or near the top in the other categories mentioned in this analysis (e.g., he tied for most 1st place medals and was a close second in winning percentage at 74.5%).


The Closest Decision – 110 Pounds


An absolutely powerful and wholly commanding wrestler, Mario DiBella (7th grade – NFWA), nailed a 21 – 3 record this season, for an 87.5% winning percentage. DiBella was a crushing force against his opponents, where 20 of his 21 wins were either pins (18) or tech falls (2). The only wrestler who made it all the way through a DiBella-winning match was Florida IOF States second-placer (at 117 pounds) Landon Martin, who DiBella decisioned 6 – 1 at the Buchholz IOF Qualifier. Out of DiBella’s 18 pins, 13 of them were achieved in under one minute; his 5 quickest pins were 10 seconds, 17 seconds, 24 seconds, 24 seconds, and 30 seconds. But, believe it or not, DiBella is the Second Team All-State selection for North Florida. This was the toughest decision of all the weight classes—and that’s because of David Crilly (8th grade – Gulf Coast Grappling).


Crilly was extremely dominant, pounding out a 31 – 4 record (an 88.5% winning percentage). Four of Crilly’s 31 wins this season were at a WarZone tournament, which only reports “wins” and “losses”; the records do not delineate if wins were by pins, majors or decisions. Of Crilly’s 27 wins where the type of win has been reported, 26 were either pins (21), tech falls (3), and majors (2). Of those 21 pins, 16 were in less than a minute, with his 5 quickest pins coming in at 18 seconds, 23 seconds, 26 seconds, 26 seconds, and 28 seconds. His two non-WarZone losses were at the hands of Florida’s winningest 7th/8th grade wrestler, Mario Del Vecchio (Champ at NUWAY National Tournament Winter Throne and AAU North Georgia State Champ), and Elijah Lunderman (2nd place at AAU South Georgia States). The 110 pound Alabama State Champ this season, Crilly is so very deserving of First Team All-State honors. But so is DiBella. So, how do they further compare?


Crilly, as aforementioned, took home a State Champ medal—and it was in the 14U division in Alabama. DiBella took 2nd place in the 12U division of the Florida IOF States. But he had one of the toughest finals opponents in the whole tournament, in Jovanni Solis of Miami (Florida IOF State Champ and Champ at Tyrant National Tournament Grappler Fall Classic), who defeated DiBella 12–4. DiBella’s only other two losses of the season were at the Super 32 Nationals, to two other star wrestlers (Brady Hand of Virginia and Dominic Prosperi of Ohio). While DiBella was one of the very oldest wrestlers in the 12U division – which meant he often faced younger wrestlers – multiple times he wrestled up to 14U as well. DiBella took home three 1st place medals at 14U and four 1st place medals at 12U at IOF qualifier tournaments. Crilly, residing in the panhandle, did not wrestle in any IOF qualifiers, but he won 1st place at five AYWO-AAU tournaments and grabbed the gold at the Coastline IBT. While Crilly’s TrackWrestling profile page shows 4 “Significant Wins”, including a pin and major over Alabama States second-placer James Oliver (7th grade) and a pin of Florida States second-placer Nathan Welch (6th grade), DiBella’s Track page lists 9 “Significant Wins” for this season. His “Significant Wins” include not only Martin, but also a pin of one of Georgia’s best 8th grade wrestlers, AAU South GA States Champ Hunter Prosen (who beat all the other wrestlers he faced on this All-State team). While DiBella had a slimmer 24-match total for the season, he certainly made the most of his appearances on the mat.


In final analysis, Crilly narrowly gets the edge with the 10 more wins, slightly better winning percentage, and being the Alabama State Champ at 14U 110 pounds.


The Wrestler of the Year Contest – Mario Del Vecchio & Riley Alcantar


Undisputedly, the absolute most dominant middle school wrestlers in North Florida during the 2021-2022 season were Mario Del Vecchio (102 pounds 7th grader from Creeks Wrestling) and Riley Alcantar (80 pounds 6th grader from Panda Wrestling). Their enduring, wholly powerful performances have been nothing short of phenomenal. No middle school wrestler in North Florida had anywhere near the number of wins of Alcantar or Del Vecchio.


Del Vecchio, who had the most wins of any 7th or 8th grader in the entire State of Florida, amassed an astonishing 67 – 4 record this season. His 94.4% winning percentage topped all North Florida middle school wrestlers, which is particularly amazing given the enormous number of matches he wrestled; this kid truly proved his best-of-the-best status by taking on so many matches—and constantly winning. Del Vecchio, a Georgia State Champ this year, who won the AAU North Georgia States at 105 pounds in the middle school division, didn’t attend the Florida IOF Championship (after winning 1st place at four IOF qualifier tournaments) because he was instead wrestling in a NUWAY national tournament – the Winter Throne in South Carolina – where he took home the 1st Place medal in 13U 107 lbs.


What makes Del Vecchio even more impressive are his age and weight factors. He has been one of the youngest kids in the 14U age division this season, just missing 12U by a few months; and when tournaments didn’t separate kids by age but instead by grade, as a middle schooler he is right in the center as a 7th grader. This meant that he was constantly wrestling – and beating – older kids. Similarly, although he wrestled mostly in the 102 pound weight class this season, he consistently wrestled-up in weight. For example, Del Vecchio won 1st Place at the Tampa Bay Middle School Championship in the 112 pound weight class (while also wrestling at 105 pounds). Similarly, he took home 1st place at Titletown’s Holiday Scuffle (Valdosta, GA) in both 102 pounds and 110 pounds, and last month he won 9 matches while taking the gold at both 105 pounds and 115 pounds at the panhandle’s Coastline Beach Brawl, where he also won the tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler Award. He even won 1st place in a high school division at the Alpha Authentics East River Tournament, where he also wrestled up to the 113 lbs weight class.


Del Vecchio’s dominance was so profound this season that he took home 19 first place medals (the most of all North Florida 7th/8th grade wrestlers) and 4 second place medals. One of those 2nd place finishes was at the AAU South Georgia States, where he was decisioned in the MS 110 pounds finals by Isaac Santos (8th grade); just a week earlier, however, Del Vecchio beat Santos 5-0 at the Brunswick Georgia Pre-States Tournament. A 7th grader, Del Vecchio’s only losses were to four 8th grade State Champs—Landon Quiroga (Florida IOF States Champ at 110 lbs in 14U), Zach Berry (Florida IOF States Champ at 102 lbs in 14U), Hunter Prosen (AAU South GA States Champ at 117 lbs in MS), and Santos. On the winning side (which was 67 matches), in addition to his aforementioned win over AAU South Georgia States Champ Isaac Santos, Del Vecchio’s victories encompassed a lengthy list of other outstanding wrestlers. In the finals match of the CWC Bulldawg Brawl, Del Vecchio was up 10–2 against Louisiana State Champ Brett Schurr (7th grade) and then pinned him in the third period. At the Yulee IOF Qualifier, Del Vecchio handed North Florida Junior High Champion Lemmy Kirkland (8th grade) his only loss of the season, via a 4–0 decision. Del Vecchio twice beat North Florida Junior High Champion Jasper Croom (7th grade), with a 17-2 tech fall at the Buchholz IOF Qualifier and a 5–2 decision at the Coastline Beach Brawl. He pinned 2021 Florida State Champ/2022 High School Districts 2nd-placer Cole Webb (7th grade) in the first period at the Palm Bay Fall Classic (Webb had a 33-17 high school record this season). And at the Yulee Fallout (where Del Vecchio took 1st place with 7 pins), after racking up a 12–0 lead against Alabama State Champ David Crilly (8th grade), Del Vecchio closed the match out with a pin of Crilly in the second period. Del Vecchio’s supremacy was of such an overpowering nature during the 2021-2022 campaign that his TrackWrestling page identifies 17 “Significant Wins” (the most for any 7th/8th grade wrestler in North Florida)—and of his 67 wins, 57 of them were either pins (41), tech falls (9), or majors (7). Of his 41 pins, 17 were under a minute, with his five fastest pins being 9 seconds, 12 seconds, 15 seconds, 22 seconds, and 25 seconds.  


The Alabama State Champ in the 80 pound weight class of the 12U division and the AAU South Georgia States Champ in 80 pounds MS, Riley Alcantar racked up an astounding 88 – 7 record—which netted him the most wins of any middle schooler in all of Florida. His 92.6% winning percentage was second only to Del Vecchio for North Florida middle school wrestlers. Like most residents of the Florida panhandle, Alcantar did not wrestle in the IOF qualifiers or its championship tournament. Alcantar, however, took home 10 first place medals at AYWO-AAU tournaments, including the aforementioned gold at the state championship. He also won a 1st place medal at a NUWAY national tournament, The Bear in Tennessee, in 12U 78 lbs.


In the 12U age division, Alcantar, a 6th grader in a very light weight class, often encountered younger kids in his matches, but there is a big “but” here: in several tournaments he attended, he wrestled up to the 14U age division – where he basically just as easily defeated his opponents. And when he wrestled in the middle school division, although his light weight class again usually generates younger wrestlers, he, nonetheless, was still in the youngest grade as a 6th grader. Alcantar also wrestled up in weight in many tournaments where, once more, he was extremely successful. There are multiple examples of this weight- and age-leaping wrestling, including taking 1st Place in the intermediate division at the Coastline IBT in the 70-80 pound weight class (while also wrestling at 95-100 pounds). In the AYWO-AAU Battle for the Trident, Alcantar nailed 1st place at 80 pounds in both the 12U and 14U divisions, where he went 7-0 with 7 pins. And in surely a close race with Del Vecchio for the Most Outstanding Wrestler Award at the Coastline Beach Brawl, Alcantar won 10 matches, while winning 1st place at both 75-80 pounds and 85-90 pounds in the 14U age division.


Overall this season, Alcantar won 20 first place medals (the most of all North Florida middle schoolers, with one more than Del Vecchio) and 5 second place medals. All seven of Alcantar’s losses were to standout wrestlers, such as Colorado 12U State Champ Ty Eversman, Alister Martin (2nd Place 12U – Alabama States), Florida IOF 12U State Champ Keegan Messina, and two losses to Jeremy Aiden Carver – a winner of multiple national tournaments, whose TrackWrestling page shows a mind-boggling 300 – 91 record over the last year. On the winning end (which was 88 matches), Alcantar was so domineering during the 2021-2022 season that he led all North Florida middle school wrestlers with 31 “Significant Wins”, as defined by TrackWrestling.


There are many highlights of the great wrestlers he defeated. Alcantar, at the Bear IBT in Tennessee, avenged his losses to Carver (6th grade) by capturing a 15-12 decision against him. In the AYWO-AAU Region 4 Tournament, Alcantar pinned Louisiana State Champ Logan Lopez (6th grade) in 3:13 (after being up 8-1). He twice beat Matthew Graffagnini (7th grade), the 3rd place-finisher in the Louisiana JH State Championships, with a pin at the Battle for the Trident and an 8-3 decision in the finals at the Assassins Crusade. He decisioned fellow Alabama State Champ Matthew Campbell (6th grade) at the Bayside Invitational. He pinned – three times – North Carolina States second place finisher Tripp Petit (6th grade) at the Bear IBT & Duals. And he delivered two pins against Georgia States second place finisher Gavin Austin (6th grade) at the Bobcat Bash; one pin was in 36 seconds and the other was in the second period while Alcantar was up 7-0. Ten of Alcantar’s 88 wins this season were at a WarZone tournament, which only reports “wins” and “losses”; the records do not delineate if wins were by pins, majors or decisions. Of Alcantar’s 78 wins where the type of win has been reported, 72 of them were either pins (68), tech falls (2), or majors (2). Of his 68 pins, 29 were under a minute, with his five fastest pins being 10 seconds, 12 seconds, 14 seconds, 16 seconds, and 16 seconds.


In Santa Rosa’s Coastline Beach Brawl where Del Vecchio went 9-0 over two weight classes and Alcantar went 10-0 over two weight classes, it must have been a very difficult decision for the tournament directors when determining the “Most Outstanding Wrestler” award. There, they had the privilege of watching, live, these two very gifted wrestlers each perform in a sizable number of matches. After what was surely considerable deliberation, they elected to give that MOW award to Del Vecchio. The decision here, too, was a very difficult one. Both wrestlers delivered amazing seasons with aberrational statistics. That said, in a close call, the North Florida All-State Middle School Wrestler of the Year Award goes to Mario Del Vecchio. The combination of (1) his 94.4% winning percentage (67 wins with only 4 losses), which is tops for all North Florida middle school wrestlers, regardless of grade; (2) that he scored his 7th/8th grader state-leading 67 wins as a 7th grader; (3) his NUWAY National Tournament 1st place win; (4) his Georgia State Champ title; (5) his 19 first place tournament medals, which is the most for all North Florida 7th & 8th grade wrestlers; and (6) that he constantly had to wrestle older kids and many times took on heavier wrestlers, while achieving all of these accomplishments – earns Del Vecchio the award.   


Now, here is the entire North Florida All-State Middle School Wrestling Team, weight class by weight class:


80 POUNDS First Team – RILEY ALCANTAR (6th Grade – Panda Wrestling), who had an 88 – 7 record.

         *Champ – NUWAY National Tournament, The Bear (12U 78 lbs)

         *State Champ – Alabama States (12U 80 lbs)

         *State Champ – AAU South Georgia States (MS 80 lbs)


80 POUNDS second Team – Luke Mims (7th Grade – Creeks Wrestling), who had a 15 -8 record.

         *4th  Place – Florida IOF States (12U 80 lbs)


85 POUNDS First Team – CONNOR BARNES (8th Grade – Oakleaf), who had a 20 -8 record.

         *State Champ – AAU South Georgia States (MS 90 lbs)

         *1st Place – North Florida Junior High Championship (85 lbs)


85 POUNDS Second Team – Gavin Fisher (7th Grade – Wilkinson), who had an 18 – 6 record.

         *1st Place – North Florida Junior High Championship (80 lbs)

         *4th  Place – Florida IOF States (14U 85 lbs)


90 POUNDS First Team – BRADY GIFFORD (5th Grade – Niceville Eagles), who had a 31 -6 record.

         *3rd Place – Alabama States (12U 95 lbs)


90 POUNDS Second Team – Michael Micelli (8th Grade – Lake Asbury), who had a 15 – 0 record.

         *1st Place – North Florida Junior High Championship (95 lbs)        


95 POUNDS First Team – JASPER CROOM (7th Grade – Grappling House Wrestling), who had a 36 – 10 record.

         *1st Place – North Florida Junior High Championship (95 lbs)

         *Also had 8 – 3 FHSAA High School Record


95 POUNDS Second Team – Joseph Foalima (5th Grade – Dogs of War), who had a 29 – 14 record.

         *3rd Place – Florida IOF States (12U 95 lbs)


102 POUNDS First Team – MARIO DEL VECCHIO (7th Grade – Creeks Wrestling), who had a 67 – 4 record.

*Champ – NUWAY National Tournament, Winter Throne (13U 107 lbs)

*State Champ – AAU North Georgia States (MS 105 lbs)

*2nd Place – AAU South Georgia States (MS 110 lbs)

*1st Place – Tampa Bay Middle School Championship (112 lbs)


102 POUNDS Second Team – Lemmy Kirkland (8th Grade – Lake Asbury), who had an 18 – 1 record.

         *1st Place – North Florida Junior High Championship (100 lbs)


110 POUNDS First Team – DAVID CRILLY (8th Grade – Gulf Coast Grappling), who had a 31 – 4 record.

         *State Champ – Alabama States (14U 110 lbs)


110 POUNDS Second Team – Mario DiBella (7th Grade – NFWA), who had a 21 – 3 record.

         *2nd Place – Florida IOF States (12U 110 lbs)


117 POUNDS First Team – BRYAN DAVIS (8th Grade – Wilkinson), who had a 35 – 12 record.

         *3rd Place – AAU South Georgia States (MS 117 lbs)

         *4th  Place – Florida IOF States (14U 117 lbs)          


117 POUNDS Second Team – Landon Martin (7th Grade – Team Clay), who had a 22 – 7 record.

         *2nd Place – Florida IOF States (14U 117 lbs)

         *1st Place – North Florida Junior High Championship (113 lbs)


125 POUNDS First Team – SEBASTIAN BONOCHEA (8th Grade – Oakleaf), who had 25 – 6 record.

*State Champ – AAU South Georgia States (MS 135 lbs)

         *1st Place – North Florida Junior High Championship (126 lbs)


125 POUNDS Second Team – Zachary Beattie (8th Grade – Niceville Eagles), who had a 14 – 1 record.

         *State Champ – Alabama States (14U 125 lbs)


135 POUNDS First Team – BRADY JACKSON (8th Grade – Riversprings), who had a 20 – 2 record.

         *1st Place – North Florida Junior High Championship (132 lbs)


135 POUNDS Second Team – Alex Bacon (8th Grade – Gulf Coast Wrestling), who had a 14 – 4 record.

         *State Champ – Alabama States (14U 135 lbs)


145 POUNDS First Team – BEAR SIEGAL (8th Grade – Gulf Coast Grappling), who had a 20 – 2 record.

*State Champ – AAU South Georgia States (MS 145 lbs)

*Also had over 25 FHSAA High School Wins + 2nd Place in Districts


145 POUNDS Second Team – Shane Goetz (8th Grade – Ponte Vedra), who had an 18 – 8 record.

         *3rd Place – Florida IOF States (14U 145 lbs)


HWT First Team – TALAN BABIN (8th Grade – Ponte Vedra), who had a 20 – 4 record.

         *3rd Place – Florida IOF States (14U HWT)


HWT Second Team – Porter Loveland (8th Grade – Wilkinson), who had a 19 – 1 record.

         *1st Place – North Florida Junior High Championship (195 lbs)